The Quest to set free ourselves

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The more we are not able to define the roots of our imaginary the more we are not ready to enfranchise ourselves from the chains of the IP franchised and brandized content.
The amnesia is a monster created to suck our brain and to inseminate our conviction of the fact that what we buy as media is new and hot.
There is nothing new or hot in media only thieves and robbed imaginary, I see defiled cultures and massive heist of heritage and ancient lore in order to sell plastic and to cast bad behavior and manipulative actions.

Where AR has to go

From 2012 we, KOMPLEX, are testing almost the 75% of what the market is offering for whom wants to explore AR as a media and not as a trick for b2b gambling.
We mean a MEDIA able to develop an AUDIENCE.
After 8 years we found the tool and we fully endorse:

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It’s name is ARIZE :
It has the main features we consider keys and arcstone in the PRACTICE of AR:
1 Simplicity
2 Fast Computer Vision
3 Content ingestion Flexibility
4 Content CENTERED – no tricks you gotta be a writer of experience to do something interesting.

It was a long trip but finally the Platform we point at as the BEST it’s arrived.
Last note: MADE IN EU and with a customer care very active.